Founded as an independent company by the corporate “parent” of Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC) in 2012, one of Afghanistan’s largest GSM telephony providers, FTS’ primary operating experience to date has been in the Middle East, but its senior management principals have extensive experience operating mobile networks in Africa and South America. Having grown out of a GSM operator’s background, FTS acutely understands what it takes to build, maintain, fuel, and service large numbers of towers in austere environments. We bring a MNO mindset first, keeping our operational experience as a large scale MNO as the main criterion for successful service delivery to our customers versus that of a “steel, rigging & power” mentality. FTS has established a network of strategic partnerships in Africa, South America and the Caribbean regions to augment our internal regional expertise. We have forged a series of trusted relationships with technical experts and local organizations capable of handling basic maintenance responsibilities in concert with FTS personnel to ensure the highest degree of reliability and support is delivered.