Connecting southern Afghanistan.


FTS was retained by a multinational corporation working with the Afghan National Police to provide the full range of tower site construction services for a customized radio-networking project in southern Afghanistan.Comprising 19 towers ranging in height from 50 to 90 meters in Afghanistan’s volatile Helmand Province, FTS handled every aspect of the project buildout, including the identification and installation of solar power supplies to augment traditional generator options all within a 60 day period and without incident in one of the nation’s most austere environments.

FTS was proud to use an Afghan work- force for the engineering, site works and project management for this project. FTS invests heavily in building the skills and capacity of our employees in the markets in which we operate, and have committed to a 95% Afghan employee base for our tower projects in this country.

Tower array in Basrah, Iraq.


FTS was contracted by a technology and solutions provider in Basrah, Iraq to source, design, and erect more than 40 towers in support of a citywide security technology network. FTS utilized its significant expertise in network design and RF planning to develop a sustainable and lasting solution for our customer operating within the unique and challenging Iraqi market. FTS was able to complete the project on time and within budget utilizing our Iraqi-trained workforce and team of international experts.