Frontier Tower Solutions (FTS) is a leading owner, operator, and developer of broadcast and wireless sites in emerging high-growth markets in the Middle East, North & East Africa, Central Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.

Leveraging more than 10 years of corporate experience in tower erection, operations, and maintenance in some of the most under-served and challenging regions of the world, U.S.-owned FTS engages in active and passive infrastructure outsourcing (i.e. sale/leaseback), structural engineering, network design, transmission and RF planning, and site development / build out activities for mobile network operators (MNOs).

Growing out of a MNO background, FTS has taken its experience as an operator with more than 800 towers in one of the world’s most austere markets and leveraged its more than 160 dedicated network rollout personnel and strong suppler relationships to conduct projects across the MENA region. FTS is American-owned and incorporated with offices in Washington D.C., Dubai, Baghdad, and Kabul. FTS is also soon to open regional client support and technical service centers in Nairobi, Kenya and La Paz, Bolivia.


Frontier Tower Solutions (FTS) aims to become the premier solutions provider of active-and passive-tower infrastructure in the world’s fastest growing emerging markets by providing superior services for the deployment of advanced infrastructure that makes wireless communication and media broadcasts available to all.


To foster a customer-focused corporate environment in which employees are respected, innovation is championed, and team members have meaningful opportunities to grow and develop by delivering the highest level of customer service through safe, quality tower sites.