Frontier Tower Solution’s (FTS) depth of experience and resources allows us to create solutions that deliver results for a variety of customers. We have has executed over 850 greenfield site builds in the past decade, including civil work, electrical installation, supply of materials and equipment slabs, as well as, road construction, fencing/ / perimeter wall erection, and BTS installation & commissioning. Our team’s core competencies include: RF propagation, structural analysis, antenna positioning, facility integration, project planning, and project management.


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    As a leading owner, operator, and developer of broadcast and wireless sites in emerging markets, FTS has a growing network of towers and rooftop sites available for rapid collocation. Our team works with wireless service providers and broadcasters to choose the best sites to meet their coverage needs, and our experienced team of industry veterans allows our clients to get on air immediately.We manage towers for all types of broadcast and wireless networks and, in the instance that we do not have a site available, FTS will work with the customer to build a new site.

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    FTS has unrivaled engineering and TX & RF planning teams to make every collocation and site development project a safe, timely, and efficient installation. With more than 160 dedicated network personnel possessing more than 40 years of senior network engineering experience, we can design, install, and maintain any requirement from a9 meter guyed mast to full 75 meter and upwards heavy-duty (HD) self- supporting towers (SST) with microwave dishes for backhaul needs and backup power supplies, including solar power.

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    From single tower builds to larger multi- tower programs, FTS has the staff and resources to construct and manage all projects. True to our name, we specialize in constructing new sites in extreme and occasionally austere environments where collocation is not an option and complexity is the norm. We can handle every aspect of a site build-from detailing requirements, acquiring and managing contractors, ensuring construction specification compliance, and completing the close-out process. Our teams have yearsof experience managing large programs for major customers, and we under- stand what it takes to deliver projects smoothly and on time.

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    DAS enhances cellular coverage and capacity in difficult or challenging suburban and urban environments. The distributed architecture of indoor DAS ensures that your customers get wireless coverage inside buildings and in all other types of indoor and outdoor environments that traditionally have poor wireless coverage. The distributed architecture of outdoor DAS improves cellular coverage with antenna heights that are lower than the typical macro cell sites, and especially in environments that are challenging due to terrain or other constraints.
    The need for strong, reliable, and high-capacity wireless connectivity inside all types of buildings is becoming a necessity for the ever-growing needs of the demanding end-user market. Conventional wireless service is typically compromised if an end-user attempts connectivity inside a steel and/or masonry/concrete structures.
    FTS can design a DAS complement to existing GSM networks to fill holes in coverage and provide complete in-building penetration and coverage on an economical and cost effective basis.